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University of Rajshahi Researchers Develop High-Efficiency CdTe-FeSi2 Tandem Solar Cell

-Researchers at the University of Rajshahi simulate a dual-junction tandem solar cell using cadmium telluride (CdTe) and iron disilicide (FeSi2) absorbers.

-FeSi2-based solar cells gain attention for superior thermal stability and optoelectronic properties.

-Tandem cell combines a larger bandgap of the top CdTe cell with a smaller bandgap of the bottom FeSi2 cell for efficient photon transformation and light absorption.

-Simulation using SCAPS-ID software shows a potential efficiency of 43.91% for the tandem device, with the top CdTe cell reaching 26.13% and the FeSi2 bottom cell reaching 35.25%.

The study demonstrates the practical feasibility of fabricating high-performance CdTe-FeSi2 double-junction tandem solar cells for efficient solar energy conversion.

Originally published on Pv Magazine

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