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India Surpasses Renewable Energy Bidding Targets for FY 2023-24

-In the first year of setting renewable energy bidding targets, India exceeded its goal of 50 GW, issuing 53.32 GW of solar, hybrid, wind, and RTC projects.

-Specifically, 11.6 GW of wind energy projects were tendered, surpassing the 10 GW target by 16%.

-Leading agencies NTPC and SECI exceeded their targets by 20.4% and 6.9%, respectively, while SJVN and NHPC fell short.

-28 GW, or 65.88%, of the total 41.72 GW of tendered capacity has already been auctioned, with NHPC leading with 97% of its tendered capacity auctioned.

-A predefined bidding trajectory has provided certainty, enabling better financial planning and supply chain management for developers, and aiding in addressing grid connectivity issues.

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