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Study Analyzes Impact of PV Installations on Land Surface Temperature in Japan

-Scientists from Kyushu University use convolutional neural networks and remote sensing to assess the impact of PV installations on land surface temperature (LST) in the Kushida River Basin, Japan.

-Covering an area of 767.62 km2, the study examines PV distribution, surface temperature changes, and spatial factors influencing temperature alterations over 10 years.

-The research reveals an average increase of 2.85°C in LST around PV installations built from 2013 to 2023, with more pronounced effects in warmer months.

-Factors such as elevation, building density, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), PV area, and distance to waterways show significant correlation with LST differences, with elevation having the most significant effect.

-The study, published in “Environmental and Sustainability Indicators,” highlights the importance of considering geographical characteristics and green cover in mitigating the impact of PV installations on LST.

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