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Last Week in Clean Energy (#1)

Hey AsOne buddy!

Here is your weekly update on everything that happened last week in our community AsOne.

Let’s get to it – short and sweet as always:

Today, we’ll cover last week’s: knowledge polls, energy jobs, learning resources, news and community ask.

 A quick reminder that much of this weekly summary is open-sourced – you can add news, jobs, events, etc.

Here are the highlights from the past week. Please feel free to look them over, and let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to revisit or explore further.

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Highlights from Last Week:

📊 Polls On:
👉Module temperature
👉Relative humidity Sensor
👉Thermal resistance of a module

📰 News Highlights:
👉Andhra Pradesh Embraces Solar Power for Agricultural Sustainability
👉Neem Oil as a Promising Coolant for Solar PV Modules
👉Apple Teams Up with CleanMax for Solar Projects in India
👉JERA and ReNew Partner for Green Ammonia Production in India
👉Clarifying Misinformation on Hail Damage and Toxicity Risks in Solar Plants

📚 Learning Resources:
👉Three Pillars of Net Zero Cities
👉Types of Transformer Losses
👉Draft Guidelines for “PM-Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana
👉RE100 climate group

💼 Job Opportunities Shared:
👉 Multiple Positions / Future Solar
👉 Safety Manager / CholaMS
👉 Testing & Commissioning Engineer / Voltech HR Services
👉 Multiple Positions / Renew
👉 Project Development Manager / ENERPARC
👉 Multiple Positions / ENERTURE
👉 Solar Pump Project Manager / Oneindig Technologies
👉 Protection Engineer / Voltech HR Services
👉 Multiple Positions / Oriano
👉 Purchasing Officer / Voltech HR Services
👉 Permits Manager / SolarSquare
👉 Multiple Positions / eSun Solar
👉 Multiple Positions / Green India Renewable Energy
👉 Permits Manager / SolarSquare
👉 Business Head / SAATVIK
👉 Multiple Positions / Oriano
👉 PV Permit Design Engineer / Solar Root
👉 Multiple Positions / Enrich Energy
👉 O&M Executive / BERSPL
👉 Sales Engineer / Solrev Infratech Pvt Ltd
👉 Solar Design Engineer / Lumira Powers
👉 Multiple Positions / FUTURE SOLAR
👉 Solar Design Engineer / Aha Solar

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