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Inverter Transformer Checklist for 6 Months

What is an Inverter Transformer PM Checklist?

Solar power plants play a pivotal role in providing clean energy for a sustainable future. Harnessing the sun’s energy, these plants generate electricity for our homes and cities. Within this process, the inverter transformer holds significant importance, facilitating the conversion of electricity produced by solar panels into the everyday power we require.

Inverter transformer preventive maintenance (PM) checklists are indispensable tools for identifying and understanding potential issues before they escalate into costly and disruptive problems. This article will delve into the critical aspects of a 6-month PM checklist for inverter transformers in solar plants.

Significance of Inverter Transformers in Solar Power Plants?

The significance of inverter transformers in solar power plants lies in their pivotal role in converting the direct current (DC) generated by solar plants into the alternating current (AC) needed for everyday electricity use. These transformers are essential for optimizing energy efficiency and ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply from solar plants to homes and cities. Inverter transformers contribute significantly to the overall functionality and performance of solar power systems, making them a crucial component in the transition towards sustainable and clean energy solutions.

First, let’s discuss inverter transformers’ role in solar energy and plants. Solar panels generate DC electricity from sunlight, which must be transformed into AC electricity for distribution and use. Inverter transformers precisely perform this task, ensuring a constant and stable energy supply.

Moreover, they play a vital role in voltage regulation and fault protection, preventing potential disruptions and blackouts. Their inspection frequency usually depends upon the risk assessment, but here is a formula that can help know the exact time for routine inspections.

Inspection Frequency = Risk Assessment Score / Maximum Possible Score x 100

Role of Preventive Maintenance

The inverter transformer maintenance checklist plays a critical role in ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of inverter transformers in solar power plants. This checklist serves as a proactive tool for regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and early detection of potential issues. By systematically outlining essential tasks, it helps prevent costly downtime and disruptions in the solar energy generation process.

As shown in Figure 1. It involves a systematic and planned approach to inspections, tests, and maintenance tasks. Preventive maintenance checks can lead to increased lifespan, optimized performance, reduced stoppages, and equipment and personnel safety. Therefore, incorporating preventive maintenance into the inspection of critical equipment can lead to the smooth working of the power plants.

Figure 1: Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

6-Month Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Since you know the importance of inverter transformers in solar power plants, it is essential to discuss the PM checklists. Preventive maintenance is vital to know the faults in your equipment that can lead to unforeseen conditions. This checklist is designed to cover critical aspects of transformer maintenance and ensure the reliable performance of these essential devices.

Safety Preparations for Transformer Inspection

  1. First, isolate the equipment from the concerned department (Electrical in this case)
  2. Get a duly signed work permit from the concerned department and maintenance activity manager.
  3. Ensure the equipment is completely isolated by starting it manually.
  4. Discharge the power terminals safely.

Preventive maintenance Checklist

  1. Check the Oil Temperature and Trip alarm by rotating the OTI (Oil Temperature Indicator) pointer. You can check the oil temperature difference using the formula mentioned below;


  1. Calibration of the indicators and inspection of Oil pockets 
  2. Top up if the oil level in pockets is low
  3. Check the Winding Temperature and Trip alarm by rotating the WTI (Winding Temperature Indicator) pointer. Similarly, you can check the winding temperature to know better about its performance.


  1. Calibration of indicators and inspection of oil pockets
  2. Observe any accumulation of gases in the Buchholz Relay
  3. Inspect the Buchholz relay Alarm and Trip by draining oil from the relay by opening the vent valve
  4. Inspection of PRV (Pressure Relief Valve). PRV condition can be inspected using the formula;



PSET = Initial set pressure value

PACT = Actual recorded pressure value

  1. Check the alarm and tripping of the Main oil Gauge valve fixed on the conservator tank.


In solar power plants, the inverter transformers play a crucial role by converting the electricity generated by solar panels into a usable form for daily needs. To keep these important components working smoothly and reliably, it’s important to take a proactive approach to maintenance. The 6-month Preventive Maintenance (PM) checklist provided here is a helpful guide to make sure that inverter transformers stay efficient and perform well. By conducting regular inspections and following the maintenance tasks outlined in the check sheet, solar power plants can harness the sun’s energy effectively.

Download the Sample File for 6 Month Inverter Transformer PM Checklist

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